Momma Dot and newborn Ewan.

Baby Buster, just a few minutes old.

Dot has been the best. Like, she totally deserve a coffee cup that says “World’s Greatest Mom”. Apparently, bucklings are very needy and often require more milk than a momma can give (so we’ve been told). We had already feared she wouldn’t nurse two babies and were prepared to bottle feed one or both if needed. But she never missed a beat…and these boys are chubby fellows.

Dot with her babies (at one week old).

Buster and Ewan are 12 weeks old now and, while they are still cute, they’re into everything. One major project we will be tackling soon (we hope) is to do some cross fencing. As it is right now, when we let them out to graze the pasture they actually have access to the entire property…including the stairs to front door, the stairs to the back door, the Jeep, the wood shop, the flower beds, the patio furniture, etc. Oh the joys of goat babies!

They’re growing so fast! Buster Brown (left, in his fancy brown pants) and Ewan (right, who resembles mom so much).


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